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There is a powerful new tool that combines 48 tools in one! Introducing the Tiger Wrench!

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By simply clicking between the different sizes you instantly have a tool you need for a job! Think about all the time you’ve wasted in the past trying to pick the right-size tool. With just a few clicks of the Tiger Wrench you’ll have the right tool for the job every time!

The Tiger Wrench is fast – switching quickly from one size to the next! As fast as you can click the tool, you’ve got a new size! And because of the unique revolutionary tool design, you can do both standard and metric sizes. Simply flip the tool around and you have more sizes!

Ordinary wrench slip on rounded corners, but not the Tiger Wrench! It’s specially designed teeth will not slip like ordinary wrenches. Ordinary wrenches can’t do 45° angles. With the Tiger Wrench you can easily do 45° angles – no problem!

With this one tool you can tackle all your projects around the house or on the job! The Tiger Wrench is well built and extremely durable! It’s a heavy-duty professional tool which makes any repair quick and easy!


Works great enough! I even bought 2 - 1 for home and one for my work. Very handy tool to have to repair stuff even in places that are hard to reach! I recommend!


I love this wrench! Right after I’ve bought it I went out to the car to make sure all the lugs were tight. It fits perfect on every bolt around the house that I tried it on too. Great stuff!


Very impressed with the Tiger Wrench. It is very well designed and has the perfect size. Love the grip handle so your hand isn't slipping. It made my tool bag a lot lighter and more organized. Perfect buy!